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[cdt-dev] Eclipse CDT Simple Code Completition


How is the status of code completition support in CDT? When I create a simple managed make C++ project with main.cpp like this:

typedef struct _myStruct_
    int iData;
    long lData;
} myStruct;

int main(void)
    myStruct s1;

    return 0;

And I try to add next line after MyStruct s1; like....
After writing the 's1.' I'd like to see list of myStruct members but, nothing happends. If I press Ctrl+Space, I can see 'No completions available' in bottom left corener of Eclipse window.

Is it possible to have the code completition / intelli sense / code hinting functional when programming C/C++ in Eclipse using CDT ???

Maybe something like, when I write printf("  -> tooltip with parameters....


Thanks for any hints


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