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[cdt-dev] Call for Input For CDT Fall Conference: CDT Usability

For the CDT Developers Conference I am putting together a presentation on the CDT End User Experience.  Although this session was orignally motivated by our experiences with CDT as end users migrating from MSVC6  I would like to gather up as much feedback and comments as possible from a wide audience of CDT users and ISVs for this discussion.
Send me your comments on end user likes/dislikes from your or your customers experiences on any the following areas:
  • What do you/your users find effective/not effective in various workflows?
    • Project create/import/build
    • Launch and debug workflows
    • etc.
  • Debug views features
  • Debug views behaviour
  • MBS
  • Large project development and debug (I'd really like to know the size of typical projects as well as the largest for which CDT is used)
  • Any other area
Since CDT is both a product platform for ISVs as well as a complete C/C++ development environment on several hosts I am very interested in getting perspectives from host side C/C++ application developers as well as users of embedded tools based on the CDT.
Comparisons to your favourite IDE are welcome whether it be Emacs or MSVC or whatever are welcome. :^)

Martin Imrisek
Software Systems Designer
Texas Instruments


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