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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 RC1 Candidate build ready ---- End User Lev el sanity test result

Thanks, James, great report as usual.


James Tan wrote:

Here is the result of the end user level sanity test I have done. Hopefully
it provides some quality info of this build.

No blocking issue found on this build.

Outstanding New/Existing Bugs ------------------------------
100051  maj  [Refactoring]: failed to rename a class and CoreException for
cannot create file buffer 101939 maj Failed to create a new Class for std make project 102016 maj [Open Type/ Class Browsing] No namespace displayed 102159 maj Failed to fill context menu for external header file 102195 maj StackOverFlow when updating Type Cache 102224 maj [search]: the number of matches differs between searching in workspace and in working set

Tests have been covered                      Pass/Fail/Bug#
-------------------------------------------------------------- Create a project P Delete a project P

Import a project                                P
Close a project                                 P
Open a project                                  P
Class Wizard                                    P
Class Browser - General usage F/102195/102016 Class Browser - global enumerator P
Class Browser - global structure                P
Class Browser - global union                    P
Class Browser - global typedef                  P
Content Assist for Standard Project             P
Binary and Error Parsers                        P
Makefile Editor                                 P
Content Assist for Managed Make Projects        P
Open Type                                       F/102016
Refactor -> Rename                              F/100051
C/C++ Search                                    P
Context Menu Search                             F/102224
Hyperlink Navigation                            P
C/C++ Language Highlighting                     P
Save a project                                  P
Index a project                                 P
Index Error Markers                             P
Debug Features                                  P
Scanner Config P

The test plans can be found at System tests/Sanity
Test Level 1 and 2.

QNX CDT Tester

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You can find it at:

Call for vote for this to be official RC1.

Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa Lab
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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