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Re: [cdt-dev] Variables View / Registers View architecture.

Hi Bala,

I am not sure I understand the question. The view (to be more accurate, the view's content provider) triggers the commands you mentioned. Each command is a result of a method invocation in CVariable, but all methods are called from the view contend provider.

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Subject: RE: [cdt-dev] Variables View / Registers View architecture.

Hi Mikhail,

   My question is about not rendering f the debugger view.

   I would like to know the root class which is issuing the command in
sequence. I would like to change the sequence of the
commands as follows :

whatis $fr68
whatis $fr69
whatis $fr70

-var-create - * $fr68
-var-create - * $fr69
-var-create - * $fr70

var-evaluate-expression var36
var-evaluate-expression var37
var-evaluate-expression var38


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The CDT provides only the implementation of the Eclipse Debug
Platform API.
The rendering of a debugger view is done by the view itself.
To find out how it wprks look at the VariablesView,
VariablesViewer, RemoteTreeContentProvider,
RemoteTreeContentManager etc. classes.

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From: "Balasubramaniyan K" <balask@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 10:40 AM
Subject: [cdt-dev] Variables View / Registers View architecture.

> Hi,
> Before I explain my understanding about the Architecture of
> View or Registers View, let me try to explain my actual
> problem
> I am trying to do a remote debug operation from Eclipse /
CDT. Though I
> am succesful, yet there is a considerable performance delay
> in Variables & Registers View.
> After conducting few experiments, we have found out that performance
> delay is due to the network latency. In other words, Eclipse
> transmits a command & waits until GDB sends
> a response & vice versa. Due to this, GDB at the remote end
is idle most
> of the time. For every request & response, the round trip
> time is 203 milliseconds & for 70 variables in context,
> the variables view takes 10 seconds to come up.  The
solution which we
> could think of this, we could remove the wait state of the
> transmitter ie., Tx keeps pumping commands to the GDB so that GDB is
> always in state of sending response. By this , we could remove
> 203 milliseconds for each command.  This is an idea. Is
there any better
> solution ?
> Now coming to my understanding,
> For every variables for a context , there are three
operations that are
> being carried viz., whatis, -var-create &
> -var-evaluate-expression. Through the Stack-list-locals
commands, all
> the local variables in the context are obtained & these are
> dumped to the RegisterDescriptor[] or VariableDescriptor[] data
> structure as applicable. Then there is a ***Job**** that is getting
> created which runs all the three commands on each & every
variable. I
> have *starred*  at the code for a while now .Unfortunately, I
> am  not able to find the piece that connects these
***Job*** & how they
> execute these three commands for every variable in the
> context & who is starting these jobs.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated  ?
> Warm Regards
> Bala
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