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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 Documentaion (and hidden announcement)

For the good of the project I'll put in my +1.

Unfortunately, however, we are going to start losing developers that are working full time on the CDT starting August 1. At that time we'll lose John Camelon, Andrew Niefer, and Bogdan Gheorghe who have been reassigned to other projects in IBM that need their help. The rest of us will also be reassigned to new projects as well but we will be keeping a couple of developers available for bug fixing. We will certainly do our best to leave behind good documentation so that the CDT community can make use of the features we've poured our heart and soul into for these last three years.

Having said that, I'm certainly not going to be far from the CDT. I'm very proud of what this community has accomplished and the true co-operation we've shared, even amongst competitors. We are truly a model for the rest of the Eclipse. I remain excited about the future of the CDT and will continue to work where I can to make sure its growth continues.


Derrick Keefe wrote:

In our project call today it was noted that the docs have not been updated and are in need of it. Developers are of course focusing on bug fixing right now and do not have time for the docs. In order to address this, I am proposing that the currently scheduled Final Release milestone RC3 (July 27) become the milestone for code freeze and we set a subsequent Milestone for final release two weeks later (August 10). The additional two weeks would be for documentation updates only. I think we need to make this effort, otherwise user are left with a bad impression of CDT despite all the hard work than went into it.

This is a call to vote.


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