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Re: [cdt-dev] How can I properly add an IPathEntry to an ICProject?

> True, but then MBS predates PathEntry. So I think it goes both ways.
> BTW, I still find the Path Entry stuff overly confusing,

How ? provide details.
We  want a mechanism to isolate the programing model from the
different builders.  Now the PathEntry was the fist try,
it can be enhance/modify/scrap for a new API ... but as long
as we(I) get detail feedbacks and requirements, we could move

> especially when 
> I look at the UI. The MBS approach follows a much more traditional 
> approach that I've seen in other IDEs. At least that is my opinion...
> Let the Builder War begin ;-)

[[laughs]] 8-)
No need, there are problems in both, It would be nice to make
the user experience easier by beeing more consistent in the UI.

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