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[cdt-dev] How to import a project with special build requirements?


I am trying to use CDT (the "Linked Resources" feature) as GUI for a project that doesn't use make. The project is quite large and it's split into directories. Usually, what you have to do to build is to run a script called "build" into a particular directory, rarely in the root.

How to implement that in CDT? Ideally, I will add all folders to the project as linked resources. However, I don't know how to setup CDT so that each time when I choose to build, it takes the current folder (the currently selected folder from the project) and runs "build" inside. For example, let's say in CDT I have three folders: dira, dirb and dirc, and let's say currently I have selected dirb. I want to be able to somehow tell CDT to build this folder only, and to make it run our build script inside the real directory. Is that possible?

Alternatively, I can setup each directory as a project but that's an overkill. For each project I can specify a command to use to build and select a working directory, but can I make the working directory selection context sensitive?

Thanks in advance!

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