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RE: [cdt-dev] incorrect definitions in buildDefinitions.exsd ?

hi Leo,

 I've made some corrections to a local copy which I could submit back.
However, it looks like the PDE plugin manifest editor will revert some
of the corrections. I've raised a bug about this here

Other corrections to do with the content models would be preserved
however, so I'll try to submit a patch when I've reviewed the changes. 

ps. The JAXB tool generates java classes that mirror the schema, so you
can then program against classes directly eg. write code like

	Tool t = ...
	t.setName("ARM Tool 1");

and then serialize this to xml as appropriate. 

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Hi Andrew,

I'm afraid that we may not have any XML schema experts working on the
MBS definition - I know that I am not one.  You are correct that a Tool
can have multiple Option and OptionCategory children.

If you are willing to make corrections and submit a patch to cdt-patch,
we'll take a look at it.  We're approaching the CDT 3.0 feature freeze
and we're pretty busy, so depending upon when you provide your patch,
and how busy we are, it make or may not get applied to the CDT 3.0

What do you with the schema after running it through the JAXB binding
compiler?  I'm not familiar with the tool.


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Subject: [cdt-dev] incorrect definitions in buildDefinitions.exsd ?


 I've been trying to run the buildDefinitions.exsd through the JAXB
binding compiler and come across a few issues

	(1) elements from the namespace
are not specified as such*
	(2) some markup has the wrong case (eg. there is an 'appinfo'
element defined in the above namespace but its used as 'appInfo')
	(3) some element content is incorrectly specified (?) - most
notably the "tool" element which only allows a single 'option' child tag
and a single 'optionCategory' child tag

I've corrected some of these on my local copy, but was hoping to confirm
that these are real issues in the schema rather than in my

*this looks like it's a possible problem with the PDE schema writing
code as other plug-ins also omit these
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