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Re: [cdt-dev] Monthly call-June

Treggiari, Leo wrote:

Here are some additional updates for the Managed Build System work:

[bug 87478] Tool-chain installation support (Done)
[bug 89210] Build Macros (Done)
[bug 88497] Environment Variables (Done)
[bug 88922] Custom Build Steps - Pre & Post Build Steps (Done)
[bug 87673] Multiple Inputs & Outputs (Done)
[bug 90334] New Project Wizard Enhancements (Done)

[bug 89872] Multi-Version Tool-chain Support (In progress - expected for
[bug 89872] Converter Extension Support (In progress - expected for M7)
[bug 81450] Integrate into Scanner configuration discovery mechanisms
(In progress - expected for M7)
[bug 90481] Shared Tool Options (In progress - expected for M7)

[bug 88922] Custom Build Steps - Resource Specific Custom Build Steps
(Proposed Item: In progress - not yet known whether it will be included
in M7)

[bug 87673] Tool Input Ordering (Proposed Item: Deferred)

Milestome plan updated to reflect the changes.


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