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[cdt-dev] CDT Monthly Call June 2 2005

Minutes June 2, 2005

CDT 3.0 review schedule:
-Project plan is now update with latest dates.
-The milestone plan has been updated; more updates have been received from
Leo and Chris and will be applied.
-If anyone else has changes please post them to the news group.
There was some discussion about images files for CDT.  There are a few that
are of the old vintage. If replacements are not ready by M7 then they will
ship as is.

Strategy for final release:
- Bugzilla: No Open PRs against 3.0 at time of final release.
- Bugzilla: needs to be updated so that it reflects the issues we intend to
fix for final release. Committers should also review the In box by end of
Day Friday June 3. After that all inbox items will be moved forward.
-Bugzilla: If anyone would like to fix an issue, let the mailbox owner now.
Don't be shy we encourage this type of behavior. 
-Bugzilla: Any issues we intend to fix should have a milestone target set.
This will give us a baseline of the issues we intend to fix for final
- Planning: In order to help facilitate progress we decided that having a
project call every two weeks would be useful.  The call-in information is
the same as our monthly call.  The dates and times are as follows:
June 9, 2005, 13:00 EDT
June 23, 2005, 13:00 EDT
July 7, 2005, 13:00 EDT
July 21, 2005, 13:00 EDT
-Planning: For RC7 it was decided that we would go to the latest Eclipse RC
that is available at the time of RC7. It was noted that there are issues
with the current release, but these do not prevent us from moving to it.
Any platform issues need to be reported and prioritized accordingly.
-Testing: QNX, IBM, Intel and Symbian shared their plans for testing.  Most
testing will be focused on the features each participant plans to deliver
and will be unstructured in nature. James will continue to run the sanity
testing after each milestone build and make the results available.
-Documentation: The committers were asked to review the documentation for
their respective areas of responsibility in order to assess how up to date
it is. Please post your observations; this will give us an idea of the state
of our docs. Please do this asap as all content for doc update will be
required in the next three weeks Due: June 30, 2005
-Documentation: QNX will have their Tech editors review the content once

Release Plan next 12 months 
CDT 3.1? roughly December/05 time frame
-Deferred items from Manage Build will be considered for this release. 
-A top level Plan will be checked into CVS (Derrick)
-It was noted that not all committers have access to the docs yet.  Derrick
will follow-up.
- The plan will also be posted to the wiki.  This will allow people to edit
it in the mean time. 

CDT fall conference
-Please respond to the thread already posted in the news group.
-Location Ottawa, Date tbd based on feedback, 2-3 days depending on amount
of content.
-There seems to be plenty of interest and enthusiasm, now we just need to
hammer out what it is we want to cover.
-Everyone was asked to post their: interest, suggested topics, aprrox number
of people that would attend, dates that do not work for them.
-BrianF noted that mid October was a bad time for them.

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