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RE: [cdt-dev] MBS versioning and toolchain IDs

Hi Chris,


See the method ManagedBuildManager.getIdFromIdAndVersion to extract the base name from the id.  I don’t want to change IBuildObject.getId().  I am willing to add an IBuildObject.getBaseName or getNameWithoutVersion if you think that would be better than the ManagedBuildManager method.





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Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 2:32 PM
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Subject: [cdt-dev] MBS versioning and toolchain IDs


I’m taking a look at the versioning support that was checked in late last week and I’m noticing a minor problem that is getting in the way of me finishing off my version support for the custom wizard pages functionality.


IBuildObject now has a getVersion() member so that you can get the version of the toolchain without parsing the ID yourself.  This is good.  However, in the case of our implementation of the ToolChain class, the ID which is set when the toolchain definition is loaded from the manifest file still contains the version number.  This means any subsequent calls to IBuildObject.getId() will return an ID that still contains the version info.


Can we either change the implementation so that IBuildObject.getId() will return the toolchain ID without the version on the end of it, or add another API that will provide this functionality?


Yes I know I can parse the ID myself to get what I want, but it makes more sense to me for there to be an API for this, since clients in general will want to do this.  It also makes sense to me that if we are going to allow for obtaining the version separately then we should allow for the toolchain id to be available separately too;  if you want one, chances are you will want the other to go with it.






Chris Recoskie

Software Designer

IDE Frameworks Group

Texas Instruments, Toronto




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