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RE: [cdt-dev] Implementation the isDefaultValue callback ofMBSOPtionValue Handler?

Hi Bala,


There is no use case for this callback in CDT 3.0.  It is intended for the future to enable the MBS property page code to “highlight” non-default values in the user interface as Microsoft Visual Studio does.  The reason that I asked for it to be added to the IOptionValueHandler interface is that we cannot extend callback interfaces once they are defined.  We would need to define a second interface.  A default implement would call Option.getDefaultValue and compare the Option’s current value to that value.





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Subject: [cdt-dev] Implementation the isDefaultValue callback ofMBSOPtionValue Handler?


Hi Leo,

I am trying to implement the  isDefaultValue callback of MBSOPtionValue Handler as requested. But I don't see any places where we call thsi callback? Can you please provide me more information on how you want to implement this? An example usecase would be more helpful in this regard?


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