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Re: [cdt-dev] Saving header (.hpp) and implementation (.cpp) files inone transaction.

Thanks Leo,

I am aware of "Save All", but the feature I describe would apply only to the CDT's editor. I often modify a header and impl file together and then want to trigger a rebuild, regardless of whether there are other unsaved files. The feature I seek would save a pair of files (x.hpp and x.cpp -- if both exist) based on the currently active editor.

Would anyone else find this useful?


Treggiari, Leo wrote:

Hi Matthias,

If I understand your question correctly, there is a "Save All" entry on
the File menu that saves all modified files.  I just tried this and it
appears to trigger a single build (as you would want it to...).

Thanks for the encouragement on MBS.  A lot of effort by a number of
people has gone into it.


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inone transaction.

Does such a feature exist? If not, do you think it would be useful as a preference in the context of the MBS when "Build Automatically" is turned on.

Since this is my first post to this list, I want to also thank the folks

involved in CDT development. The MBS is reaching a level of maturity (M6) where flexibility/usability are well balanced, and I notice a real productivity gain for projects that are not too big.


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