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[cdt-dev] Query - How can I run CDT automated test suite ?

	I have downloaded CDT 3.0-M6 SDK
[] & test-suite
[]. I am trying to run the following
test-suites CDT UI, CDT Core & CDT Debug UI.

Here is the command (got from Automated test-suite framework) that I used to
run the test from command line,

java -cp startup.jar org.eclipse.core.launcher.UIMain 
   -application      org.eclipse.test.uitestapplication 
   -testlistener     org.eclipse.test.XMLTestListener 
   -testPluginName   org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui.tests 
   -className 	   org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.tests.AllDebugTests

Here is the exception I see - Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/core/launcher/UIMain

  1. How can I run these test suites?
  2. Can I integrate CDT tests with the automated test suites of Eclipse?
	Any help to run these test suites will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

- Ragav.

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