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RE: [cdt-dev] MBS option enablement requirements

If you want to extend your design to allow for notifications of when options change state from being used in command line generation or not used (what I’ve been calling enablement – probably a bad choice in terminology), I’m all for that.  It shouldn’t be a big deal to cache the previous state within the option and then send a notification if it changes.


There is a caveat however: as the requirements and design sit right now, the change in state can really happen at any time that the makefile gets generated.  Your design seems focused on what happens when the options are manipulated in the GUI, so it would have to be understood that the events could occur when the GUI was not in use.




Chris Recoskie

Software Designer

IDE Frameworks Group

Texas Instruments, Toronto



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there is potentially a conflict or a better place for the callback. See, interface IManagedOptionValueHandler which could be extended to have additional methods to deal with enabling/disabling options.
-- Lars

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[cdt-dev] MBS option enablement requirements




I just posted an initial set of requirements and design for support runtime enabling/disabling of managed build options to
Please feel free to comment.  I have a potential implementation which satisfies the current requirements as I see them, but I want to make sure that there are not other requirements that I’m not aware of.
Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
IDE Frameworks Group
Texas Instruments, Toronto
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