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[cdt-dev] Hierarchical "inheritance" of project properties

Hello all,

we are trying eclipse and CDT on a couple of sources for which
generation was previously started from the command line (make files).
When doing it in eclipse we ended up creating about 100 managed make
projects which have similar, but not quite identical, project settings.

Now if we find that we want to change some of these settings later on it
would be convenient to be able to define something like a hierarchy so
that a change of, say, a compiler switch is immediately propagated to
all subprojects except for those where the switch value was "explicitly"
set differently.

Also it would be nice to have a view where the 100+ projects are not
simply listed one after the other as in the "C/C++ Projects" or
Navigator views, but can be structured in a deeper tree.

I wonder whether anything of the sort has been considered before. Can
anybody point me to documentation / bugzilla / mailing threads where
this was discussed?



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