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Re: [cdt-dev] how can I disable the indexer during an automated test?

Markus -

Since I got rid of the enable/disable property for the Source/DOM Indexer disableIndexing no longer works as it once did. There needs to be some work done to adapt the existing Indexer JUnits to the new DOM Indexer, once we decide that that's the one to keep for 3.0.  

To answer your question: to run a testcase without the indexer you have to set the null indexer on the project. Since you're already using BaseTestFramework, I'll go ahead and update disableIndex() to use the null indexer.

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05/12/2005 03:55 AM

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[cdt-dev] how can I disable the indexer during an automated test?

For the implementation of JUnit Tests for the rename refactoring
I derive my test classes from 'BaseTestFramework'. This class
offers a method to disable the indexer:

  public void disableIndexing(){
     if( CCorePlugin.getDefault() != null &&
            CCorePlugin.getDefault().getCoreModel() != null){
        if( project != null )
        try {
              Boolean.FALSE );
        } catch ( CoreException e ) { //boo

Unfortunately the indexer does not care much about me calling this,
it happily keeps indexing files. How can I best run a testcase
without the indexer?

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