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RE: [cdt-dev] FYI MBS check-in for Multiple Input & Output support

Hi Lars,


You seem to be running the tests in a different manner than I do.  There are only 27 tests, so I don’t know how JUnit finds 64 tests when you run the tests.

I run the tests by selecting …/suite/org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.tests.suite/, and then Run As, or Debug As, JUnit Plug-in Test.


The testScannerInfoInterface failure is expected.  It has been failing since early in 3.0 development because of changes to the scanner info discovery mechanisms.  I intend to investigate it after my new functionality is complete.  


The testExtensions failure is not expected and I haven’t seen the failure in my testing.  If the failure remains after running the tests as described above, send me the Failure Trace so I can see which line of code in the test is failing.





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we picked your changes up and were planning to add some tests into the new structure. As it stands I get between 3 and 4 test failures (intermittently). Could you please let me know whether the failures we see are expected. As a side-note: I was building cdt-build on top of the M6 build.
-- Lars

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[cdt-dev] FYI MBS check-in for Multiple Input & Output support




I have checked in a number of changes:
-  The coding is done but more testing is to be done on the new functionality.
-  The .cdtbuild file version is now 3.0.0.  If you have an existing project, you will be prompted to update it.
-  The Gnu manifest file definitions now use the new 3.0 elements and attributes.
-  New tests have been added that compare the generated makefiles vs. benchmark makefiles.  More will be added.
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