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Re: [cdt-dev] Contributing my own templates to

> Hello folks,
> I am trying the re-written code templates in CDT 3.0 (weekly build from
> April 25 -,
> eclipse is
> I would like to contribute some of my own templates to the
> org.eclipse.cdt.ui.text.templates.c context type id. From the
> documentation I found I thought this would be as simple as
> - Adding an extension to the point org.eclipse.ui.editors.templates to
> my plugin.xml.
> - Adding a template definition to this extension which references
> org.eclipse.cdt.ui.text.templates.c as context type id.
> - Writing my template as the body of this template element.
> Now when I start a runtime workbench without my extension I see the
> usual standard templates in Window / Preferences / C/C++ / Editor /
> Templates.
> When I add my extension the list of templates is compeletely empty.
> Has anybody ventured into these lands? What should I do?
> For more clarity I am adding a snippet from my plugin.xml
> Thanks for any hints,

Try this instead:

          description="How to create a binary semaphore"
       /* I'm not sure how to do this :-) */ ${cursor}

Check out the documentation that comes with Editor/Templates for more details
on the extension point(or RTFM, F for Fine).

I have to agree, the implementation is fragile, if a third plugin do something
bad ... nothing works.

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