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RE: [cdt-dev] Using 2.1.1 managed build definitions to 3.0

Hi Norbert,


There isn’t any “How To” documentation yet.  Take a look at the design document in bugzilla 87673.  Basically you should define an InputType and an OutputType as children of the Tool.  The attributes that you mention have moved there.





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Subject: [cdt-dev] Using 2.1.1 managed build definitions to 3.0


Hello folks,


I am trying some managed build definitions I wrote for CDT 2.1.1 in CDT 3.0 from the weekly build of April 25. They all do work, but some attributes are flagged as deprecated.

Specifically, in a "tool" definiton the attributes "outputs", "sources" and "headerExtensions" are flagged. Is there any documentation available about how I can make my definitions conform to the CDT 3.0? Or any simple hints?





Norbert Ploett



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