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RE: [cdt-dev] Environment variables not passed to make

You're right in suggesting that this idea is not flexible for multiple
tool sets support.  The right approach is probably in the tool-set
definition as proposed in bugzilla bug 82873 which I've since


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> How about this idea:
> All CDT invocations of command line tools of any significance goes = 
> through the ProcessFactory and Spawner classes.  One could patch the =
> ProcesFactory.addPathsToEnv() method to add paths to the PATH = 
> environment variable for the exec() command invocation from a defined 
> = extension point.  The extension point could be defined for the = 
> configuration to apply to all CDT.  A preferences page for CDT could 
> be = added to allow the user to add/remove/edit paths.  To make the 
> path in = the extension point portable and not hard-coded, one could 
> make an = interface for the extension point that dynamically provides 
> the full = path values.

Is this the right approach ?
What about if I do not want to spawn with the default environment(the
one set in the preference).
Or if I want to override one environment variable for a specific action
... say the build.

So far we can set the environment:
- when launching
- when building

What other places do you need to set environments ?

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