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[cdt-dev] Ada in CDT

Hey gang,

Here's something to put in the "Hey, that's cool" pile. I did an 
experiment with a quick Ada hello world example that called into a C 
function. I built using standard make with a simple make file that builds 
the C file (well C++ actually) and calls gnatmake. I then stuck a 
breakpoint on the C function and brought the whole works up in the 
debugger. You really see the power of gdb and the flexibility of CDT's 
integration with it here.

The main work item I did was to hook up the CEditor to ada files. I then 
had to convince it not to run the CModelBuilder on it. I also had to teach 
the CCodeScanner about Ada keywords. These last two items were done with a 
language descriptor object that is currently based on ICFileType but can 
move to IContentType when that gets more stable.

If there is interest on this, I'll have to see if I can contribute it, 
probably into the CDT Contrib area. At any rate, it does show that we're 
not that far off away from being able to support additional languages out 
of the box.

Doug Schaefer
Ottawa Lab, IBM Rational Software Division

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