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Re: [cdt-dev] Interested in testing HP Remote Development plug-in?

From the plugin's point of view, how is an HP/UX system different from any other Unix-like system?

I just guessed your plugin communicates with the remote system using some standard protocol (like ssh). Isn't it? And if it is, why wouldn't that work for any other system as well?

  Regards //Johan

Sumit Sarkar wrote:
Hi Johan,

In this release, we are supporting the HP-UX Integrity server as the remote server machine.


On 4/18/05, *Johan Walles* <walles@xxxxxx <mailto:walles@xxxxxx>> wrote:

    Would it resolve "";?

    Maybe you should advertize it there as well.

       Regards //Johan

    Sumit Sarkar wrote:
     > Are you interested in testing Eclipse CDT on your Windows- or Linux-
     > based desktop PC to do remote development on HP-UX Integrity servers?
     > HP is looking for C/C++ developers to beta test our Eclipse CDT
     > with remote development capabilities.  Please contact Alex McKale at
     > alex.mckale@xxxxxx <mailto:alex.mckale@xxxxxx>
    <mailto:alex.mckale@xxxxxx <mailto:alex.mckale@xxxxxx>> for more
     > Thanks,
     > Sumit Sarkar
     > Hewlett-Packard Company
     > _______________________________________________
     > cdt-dev mailing list
     > cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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