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Re: [cdt-dev] Patch to create ICoreModel interface

> If the ICFileType is deprecated, it isn't marked that way :)

We did not want to do this before the IContentTypeManager work is complete.
The faith of the framewok was unclear 'til M6.

> What should we be using?

The IContentTypeManager interface.  We will also provide
cover helper methods in the CCorePlugin(or rather the old cover methods
will be converted).

The work is incomplete but basically we register content-types to
The Platform see org.eclipse.cdt.core/plugin.xml:

 <!--extension point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.contentTypes"> 

 <!--extension point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.contentTypes"> 

Plugins can contribute new extensions/filenames(see the docs)

Unfortunately a good chunk of the work due for Eclipse-31M{5/6} was
moved back in M7.

Although, I've mention this before, folks should look at
this framework and make sure it covers there needs.

Leo had some restrictions, but the fact that content-type
conflicts can be resolve with nature took care of the objections ... I think.

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