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Re: [cdt-dev] Patch to create ICoreModel interface

> After fielding questions from a couple of people about Ada support in the 
> CDT. I've started to give this a bit more thought.
> I guess the ideal situation is to minimize the amount of code necessary 
> when adding support for a new language to the CDT. I've seen this strategy 
> used by a number of companies now in a number of places (unfortunately 
> none of them on I would think that having a whole new UI 
> (perspective, editor, etc) for each language is too heavy weight, 
> especially when you consider mixed language projects.
> My current thought is to build on the mechanisms we have in place for file 
> types and add a language description interface that would be implemented 
> for a language (and probably a language UI interface for customizing 
> certain UI elements like icons). We already have a number of places where 
> we check whether we are C or C++ to customize behavior in the CDT. The 
> idea would be to make it extensible so that we can look up in a generic 
> way to do the same tricks.

Can you clarify please: "the mechanisms we have in place".
We were planning to remove the ResolverModel framework this
is part of the plan item for M7.
I've seen the use of ICFileType class in many new patches.
Despite the fact this will be obsolete.

> This may be a pipe dream but I've always been interested in Ada and have 
> started experimenting with these ideas, Maybe this will also help 
> kickstart those who are interested in Ada (which includes AdaCore - the 
> GNAT people to help 
> contribute to this. I will also need help understanding what the Fortran 
> folk would need, including the Photran guys.
> Doug Schaefer
> Ottawa Lab, IBM Rational Software Division

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