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[cdt-dev] Speaking of multilang...

Hey gang,

While investigating how we could best support additional languages in the 
CDT, I ran across this code in CTextTools:

        /** The C source code scanner */
        private CCodeScanner fCodeScanner;
        /** The C++ source code scanner */
        private CppCodeScanner fCppCodeScanner;
        /** The C partitions scanner */
        private FastCPartitionScanner fPartitionScanner;
        /** The Java multiline comment scanner */
        private CCommentScanner fMultilineCommentScanner;
        /** The Java singleline comment scanner */
        private CCommentScanner fSinglelineCommentScanner;
        /** The Java string scanner */
        private SingleTokenCScanner fStringScanner;

Apparently we already have some support for Java ;-)

Doug Schaefer
Ottawa Lab, IBM Rational Software Division

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