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[cdt-dev] Sanity test report CDT 3.0.0 Build I200504140301 --- PASS

I spent this morning testing CDT 3.0.0 Build I200504140301. No major issue
found. Here is the area covered:

Test cases:
- Create Projects (with/without indexer)
- Import Existing C++ Projects into the workspace(Non blocking Issue:
PR91304, 91308)
- Build Managed Make Project
- Run Managed Make Project
- Build Executable Project
- Debug Managed Make Project (Executable)
- Debug Standard Make Project (StdCpp)
- Content Assist for Standard Project 
- Binary and Error Parsers 
- Makefile Editor 
- content Assist for Managed Make Projects 
- Index a project 
- Index Error Markers 
- C/C++ Search
	Search All Ocurrences
	Search Declarations
	Search Definitions
- Refactoring

QNX CDT Tester

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