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[cdt-dev] Sanity test report on CDT build I200504120301 - Failed

2 major issues as below. We probably need another build for M6.

Bug 91139: Code assistant doesn't work with C files
Bug 91127: Cannot create project with DOM or Original C/C++ indexer being

Other New Bugs:
91140  nor  P3  PC  cdt-core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx  NEW   Exceptions generated
for deleting a project without saving source  
91155  min  P3  PC  cdt-debug-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx  NEW   Wrong Icon for
"Restart" on debug view 

Test cases have been done:
1. Create Project
2. Import Existing C++ Project into Managed C++ Project
3. Build Managed Make Project
4. Run Managed Make Project
5. Import Existing C++ Projects into the workspace
6. Build Executable Project
7. Debug Managed Make Project (Executable)
8. Debug Standard Make Project (StdCpp)
9. Content Assist for Standard Project 
10. Binary and Error Parsers 
11. Makefile Editor 
12. content Assist for Managed Make Projects 
13. Index a project 
14. Index Error Markers 


QNX CDT tester

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