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Re: AW: [cdt-dev] Installing custom code templates

> what do you mean by "from scratch, in the head" ?

The template code for CDT-3.0 been rewriten, pretty much
all of the old code was nuked.  We use now the template
framework that was/is introduce in Eclipse-3.0/3.1

> I found that they are stored in the workspace in =
> .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.ui/templates.xml
> But how do they get there. They must be created when the workspace is =
> created (or when the C/C++ perspective is opened for the first time). =
> Can anybody give me a pointer to where the originals are stored or where =
> the creating code is?

The default-template.xml is in the jar(cdtui.jar).

the file is copied in the metadata as your preference.
This is how we do "Restore to defaults"

But you seem to have found a bug in our current builds
the templates/ directory is not in the zips.

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