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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT Monthly call. April 7

No new agenda items were posted.   Below are the agenda items from our last call that are still open.  For your convenience I have pasted the previous minutes at the bottom of this email.


CDT 3.0

*       Milestone 6 - readiness, what's in what's not

*       Milestone 7 - will everything else make milestone 7 or are we cutting our scope

CDT 3.x

Eclipse Con Review

LDT Project

Fortran/Core Plugin Replacement


Minutes from our last meeting:

Attendee who identified themselves:

  • Intel - Bob, Sumit, Leo, Anurag
  • Monta Vista - Pierre-Alexander
  • Los Alamos - Craig
  • Altera - Daryl
  • Redhat - Rick
  • University of Illinois - Brian
  • IBM - Doug, Dave, Mathieu, Bogdan
  • WindRiver- Rooney
  • TimeSys - Sam
  • TI- Chris
  • QNX - Derrick, Thomas, Alain, Mikhail, James, Seb, Chris

CDT 2.03

  • We are still waiting to see if there is any other fixes. We are pretty much there unless someone identifies an issue that needs to be fixes. We're holding off a bit because we want to avoid a 2.04

CDT 2.1.1

  • There was a managed build issue raised. As far as Leo (Intel) is concerned it not appropriate to fix it for 211.
  • Open Type Stack Overflow is last outstanding issue
  • Doug (IBM) waiting for the ok from Alain (QNX) before spinning build

CDT 3.0

  • Milestone 5 is over, no more feedback is coming
  • Derrick (QNX) sent out a plea to have people actually read and update the status of plan items:
    • Indicate if you are working on something and it is "committed"
    • Indicate if you are working on something and it is "proposed"
  • Derrick indicated all should review the plan so that we can make a plan and update for Milestone 6 instead of 7
  • M5 should be built March 14th for initial testing
    • Results will be posted to the newsgroup (cdt-test)
  • M5 go-no criteria before posting as stable
    • Sanity testing of features (1 day activity)
      • Formally done by James Tan (QNX) (who may be absent =;-)
      • Committers encouraged to help informally
    • Feature testing of features (1 day activity)
    • Red flag any items that were marked for M5 that are not present
    • Red flag any items that were committed but not working
  • The branch is "slushy" at this time so no commits of large destabilizing features.
  • Additional participants/resources requested to help with the scalability testing by Mathieu (IBM)
  • Doug (IBM) committed to having ISV docs built for the M5 build
    • John (IBM) indicated the DOM docs are in good shape
    • Alain (QNX) indicated that there is a fair amount of javadoc in place for the debug interfaces, but there may be some changes coming along with WindRiver and their debug issues. For 3.0 the CDI javadocs will be up to date.

CDT 3.x

  • IBM has identified the need for a release for Q4 of 2005. Likely a bug fixing effort.
  • Leo (Intel) & Chris (TI) both indicated that they have features that they will expect to have come up for that timeframe (MBS)

Eclipse Con Review

  • WindRiver is hosting a top level Device Software Project as a strategic developers:
    • Also interested in enhancing CDT: additional requirements/new features
    • General areas include debugging (CDT & Platform), parsing/static analysis (WR technology), managed build capabilities (language agnostic)
    • Rooney (WRS) mentioned that the focus will be on remote target management (data models and functionality).
    • Montavista's target proposal will likely shift to this project.
  • Look forward to much news and background about this showing up on the mailing list.
  • Many discussions about the debugger (CDT and platform) API and frameworks and how to go forward to make changes. There will likely be a meeting in Toronto in the next few weeks (as a post 3.0 activity).

LDT Project

  • Lots of discussion around multi-language development, specifically the way that the Fortran project(s) have built off of the CDT as an example. There may be parts of CDT that are applicable to this project.
  • No official involvement yet, some confusion around what the LDT project is going to go short term.
  • CDT could be positioned as a better solution for some clients who might be considering the LDT but are waiting for a solution.

Fortran/Core Plugin Replacement

  • Current discussion/proposal on how the Fortran code can easily replace the calls to CCore.getDefault() for accessing the Core Model.
  • Brian (??) indicated that there doesn't appear to be a clear solution on where this cut would occur. It was proposed that it might be worthwhile to use the MBS as a candidate for this first "language agnostic" component.
  • Leo (Intel) indicated that his plate is pretty full for CDT 3.0 and that there won't be time for exploring this, but that contributions are welcome.
  • For the short term, the Fortran "folks" are going to have to do the initial probing to figure out how to make this go.





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Thursday April 7, 13:00 EDT

Conference id 2458079

Local to Ottawa: (613) 787-5021

Toll Free: 866 792-1313


If you have any topics that you would like added to the agenda for this month's call, please respond to this thread.

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