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[cdt-dev] MBS New Project Wizard Enhancements

I have created a Bugzilla entry for this feature and posted the draft design as an attachment to the bug.  Feedback on the requirements and design are welcomed.


A short description of this feature:


One aspect that toolchain developers have requested more flexibility in is the 
ability to customize the new project wizard.  Developers wish to be able to 
add custom pages to the wizard to facilitate such things as automatically 
setting launch properties for the project, generating configuration files for 
the project, and other various custom settings and behaviour.
Developers might wish that such customizations be toolchain specific, or 
possibly be global to all toolchains.  At the same time or separately, they 
may wish their pages to appear only when a project is of a certain nature 
(e.g. C vs. C++) or for certain project types (e.g. executable vs. library).





Chris Recoskie

Software Designer

IDE Frameworks Group

Texas Instruments, Toronto




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