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Re: [cdt-dev] Missing source/output exclusion filter options in C DT

> Actually this brings up something that I have discussed a bit with Leo
> as I design the custom wizard pages feature...
> In general, there are lots of things that people might want to do to a
> project after it's been created (add files, etc.).
> CCorePlugin.createCProject() invokes getWorkspace().run() with a
> Runnable that creates the project resources.  If we put a scheduling
> rule on the job that is posted to the workspace, then anyone that wanted
> to could post their own jobs that would wait on the project to be fully
> created by blocking on that scheduling rule.
> Would that suit your purpose?

I think what thomas was referring to was that the wizard should
read the ".cdtproject" or the ".cdtbuild" or whatever file settings
So we could prefill the options tabs in the wizard.

But to your point, you are right the finish method of the wizard
should be wrap around a IWorkspaceRunnable, this allow to batch
the ResourceDelta changes.  If any of our wizard does not do
this, I would say to consider this like a bug.

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