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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT-2.1.1(Are we there yet !!)

Hi all,

Just a ping on this one - are we all clear for a final 2.1.1 build this
week (now that Doug's back :) ?


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> Hi all,
> We've only just seen an issue with 2.1.1 and Managed build 
> configuration dialog (A class cast exception that prevents user from 
> creating >1 new configuration).See = 
> The fix for it seems straightforward and is included in the PR. While 
> we would like to see this fixed for 2.1.1, I appreciate its very late 
> in the day so I leave it to your discretion as to whether this is a 
> significant enough bug/low-risk enough to warrant a rebuild.=20

Fair enough.
Your patch looks right, it was probably an oversight in the original
code. Thanks for catching this.

Well Doug ... it looks we need another build after all 8-)

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