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[cdt-dev] CDT-2.1.1(Are we there yet !!)


  The last PR concerning Browsing was move to 3.0 timeframe;
the race condition was impossible to fix without re-architecture
and major surgery with too much side-effects(Note this is not a regression
it was in the older versions of CDT).

So it looks like, they are no more outstanding PR against 2.1.1

So I propose we rename the last build for CDT 2.1.1 (I200503071047)
or make a new build.

There are no News&NoteWorthy.  Only a long list of PR fix that can
be found by querying Bugzilla with TargetMileStone 2.1.1.

Note: Unfortunately our release eng(Doug) is out .. Living La Vida Loca
  So it may take a moment for the build to appear 8-).

Committers/Contributors .. if any other feedbacks ? send your (-1 0 +1)

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