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[cdt-dev] linux crossdevelopment using cdt


we posted this message in the newsgroup.
There we got the hint to repost it here:

In our company we evaluate the eclipse/cdt environment as a platform for
linux crossdevelopment. After gathering some experience in using cdt in a crossdevelopment environment (cygwin, cross gcc, GNU autotools, ...), we are going to give a speech about this issue on the linux automation conference, which will take place in Hannover ( Germany ) from march 31,2005 to april 1,2005 ( ). The cdt integrated really well in our development environment and fit most of our needs. It also seems to us, that the trend of cdt development aims in our direction. The intention of our speech is to motivate people with the same interests to initiate a discussion group which engages in determining requirements and define an eclipse based crossdevelopment environment. For further steps we need information about future feature enhancements of the cdt. We are especially interested in managed autotool support,
configuration and communication support for remote systems/targets.
Are there already planed tasks which aim in this direction and if so, when will they be available? Can you see a benefit for your and our work in such a forum? Any suggestions and help are welcome. Do you see possibilities how such a forum can contribute to cdt development?

thanks in advance

Jan Altenberg and Friedhelm Wolf
Homag Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG
( )

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