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[cdt-dev] CDT3.0 M5 candidate (build I200503140300) sanity test report: FA ILED


Here is the sanity report of CDT build I200503140300.  

The CDT3.0 build I200503140300 is not sanitized. Indexer is regressed.
Another sanity test on tomorrow's build is needed.

Critical: 87978: NPE is generated when pressing OK in project properties
C/C++ indexer page
Critical: 87982: Error log is generated when selecting project properties
indexer option
Major: 87993: Indexer is not selected by default when creating new project

Sanity test plan (level 1) Test result 
1. Create Project: 

2. Import Existing C++ Project into Managed C++ Project:      
PASS ( but have to manually select Indexer, otherwise no indexer kicking off
after import)

3. Build Managed Make Project: 
PASS ( some warning messages from indexer)

4. Run Managed Make Project:

5. Import Existing C++ Projects into the workspace:   
FAIL, no indexer kicked off after the project got imported

6. Build Executable Project:

7. Debug Managed Make Project (Executable)

8. Debug Standard Make Project (StdCpp)

9. Log File, Silent Failures
FAIL, see bugs list

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