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[cdt-dev] Shared Tool Options

Hi Lars,

I've been thinking about your requirement below and have a

1.1 Shared Tool Options
A number of Symbian tools require that identical options are passed into
each individual tool. For example the resource compiler, AIF file
generator and compiler require a set of shared -D and -I options.
Platform security options are another example. Here the user has to
choose from a global set of security attributes (e.g. CapabilityAll)
which map onto different options for different tools (e.g. -Security=xyz
for the resource compiler, -DSECURITY=0xabc for the compiler, etc.). If
inconsistent options are passed to the tools, the resulting binary will
not work correctly or may fail to build.
MBS supports defining options per tool only. This means that shared
options have to be replicated in different tools and that the user has
to keep them in sync manually.

My idea is allow OptionCategory and Option elements to be children of
ToolChain element.  ToolChain categories would display in the Tool
Settings page at the top level, that is, at the same level as the Tools.

The values set in these options would not be used in command line
generation - the command, commandFalse, and resourceFilter attributes
would be ignored.
The tool-integration would be able to retrieve the option values from
MBS callbacks.

For your usage, you would use build macros in the options to be set from
the values of the ToolChain options.  The build macros design will be
coming soon.  A tool-integration will be able to define build macros and
their values.  You would set your build macro values from your
tool-chain options.

If you agree that this would meet your requirement, would you be willing
to submit a design for supporting OptionCategory and Option children of
ToolChain elements, and implement the design for CDT 3.0?


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