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[cdt-dev] Looking for volunteers for CDT3.0 M5 sanity and feature testing


I am looking for volunteers as my backup for CDT3.0 M5 testing, since I am
expecting a baby due on March 14th, which is also planned M5 date. Speaking
of the coincidence :-)

The areas I need backups are:

Sanity test level 1
Sanity test level 2

feature testing: Memory View 
feature testing: Module View

The proposed M5 test process would be (Thanks Brent for providing this): 

March 14: 
1.Download the M5 Eclipse build and the morning CDT build. 
2. Run a quick sanity tests (level 1 and level2, testplans are online) and
report any findings to cdt-test-dev and cdt-dev, summarized by a
SanityThumbsUp (so others can know it's good for testing) or
SanityThumbsDown (so that others can fix the showstoppers and rebuild). 
3. If the build is sanitized, alert cdt-test-dev that you are starting a day
or so of Milestone testing specifically in say Memory View testing and
Module view testing

March 15 (assuming the build is OK):
4. Run Memory view and Module view testing (testplans are online) 
5. Summarize your test results to cdt-test-dev with a ContributorThumbsUp
(or a ContributorThumbsDown). 
6. Once all test contributors have given their ComponentThumbsUp, you can
summarize to cdt-dev and cdt-test-dev with a MilestoneThumbsUp. This is
dev's cue, to officially declare M5 and to start checking-in code for M6.

All the docs will be available by end of this week on the website:

Thanks very much...
CDT Tester

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