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[cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 Test Item ownership: Scalability & Performance

Since my product(s) assignment is for Performance & Scalability,   I will take ownership of this test item for CDT 3.0.

Currently the Master Test Plan (
is listing these items in Section 3:

-Reduce indexing time and cost
-Reduce search time and cost

I will inherit any other items that falls into this category.  I will execute tests for CDT 3.0 on a <priority> basis.   I will be testing this area on Windows and Linux.  
The CDT 3.0 Master Test Plan will be updated with my intentions in section 3.

In the near future, I will provide the following:

-test plan
-Bugzilla bug number(s)

I <encourage>  other parties to take <ownership> of CDT 3.0 Test items.  The more we get testers signing on to do the testing, the better the quality of CDT 3.0 will be.  This will lead into better test coverage and less test duplication.

Best Regards,

Mathieu Lapensée
Software Verification Developer - Performance & Scalability Lead
IBM - SWG - Rational Division

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