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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1.1 sanity results

I'm going to need more opinions on this one...

	* So the only problem is a NPE in the managedBuilder
	  So Leo/Vlad ? can this be fixed ? is it a no go for 2.1.1 ?

Here are some observations:

-  I haven't seen this NPE and I do most of my work on Windows.
-  We don't have a reproducer (right?).
-  The source file with the NPE hasn't changed since June 2.
-  Looking at the code, it seems that an NPE would occur if the
CygpathTranslator (from ...make.internal.core.scannerconfig.util)
returns null.  
-  I guess the code could check for null, but I have no idea whether we
should ever get a null - that is, will a problem occur later if we
prevent the NPE from happening here?
-  I would only be concerned about fixing this in CDT 2.1.1 if it is a
regression.  I can't think of any change that I have made that would
affect this.  Can anyone else think of change that could cause this?


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Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1.1 sanity results

	I'm sending this for James Tan.  Note: we could not find the
template to report
the sanity results(Use by Mathieu L.).  Basically James ran the Sanity
Level 1(Smoke Test suite) and
the Sanity Test Suite Level 2.

This if for build 2.1.1/I.I200503071047/

There were lots of false negatives, due to assumptions in the tests.
We are planning to update the sanity tests for CDT-3.0.

	* The sanity level 2 did highlight a few problems in
	  in C++ Browsing perspective and  OpenType vs Indexer/parser
	  But those problems can only be address in CDT-3.0(plan item).

	* So the only problem is a NPE in the managedBuilder
	  So Leo/Vlad ? can this be fixed ? is it a no go for 2.1.1 ?

Sanity Test:

- Create C/C++ project
	- Build managed project(compile/executes)
	- Stand Make Project (compile/executes)
- Delete a project
- import existing C/C++ project
- close a project
- Open a project
- Class Wizard
- Browsing
- Binary Parsers
- Error Parsers
- Open Type
- Refactor -> Rename
- C/C++ search
- Context Mneu Search
- Hyperlink Navigation
- C/C++ highlighing(CEditor)
- save project
- index a project
- index Error Markers
- Debug Features
	- Debug executable
 		* step
		* breakpoint
- Scanner Config

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