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Re: [cdt-dev] Towards a more language neutral CDT

On Mar 8, 2005, at 3:35 PM, John Camelon wrote:

Hello Craig,

Glad to see the multi-language ball is still rolling!

I'm also happy to see others interested in this as well.
Thanks for responding.

 > So how about this for a straw dog proposal:
 > 1. Create a language neutral CorePlugin class, (or LangCorePlugin)
 > that CCorePlugin and FortranCorePlugin can inherit from.
> 2. Add a static method, CorePlugin.setDefault(), that allows the default
 > to be changed at runtime, depending on context.  Or maybe a better
> way would be to leave default alone (default is still CCorePlugin) and
 > add set/getCurrent().

If FDT & CDT are expected to live side by side, active in the same workspace, even w/natures added to the same project, setDefault() is not going to work.
It's one huge race condition waiting to happen.  


The rationale behind having a singleton (like the ResourcesPlugin) for our Core and UI is that we had thought that there wasn't a need for this to be extensible. What would make more sense (to me, at least) is that perhaps all of the static registries that are assuming that everything is CNature/CPPNature should take an additional parameter (a nature, perhaps) that would serve as a key into a table of sorts.

Greg and I had also kicked around something similar as well. But this has a larger impact on the API so we weren't sure how well it would be accepted. Why don't we go away and look at this carefully and come up with another proposal along these

That being said, we need to decide as to how the extension architecture is going to look. Does FDT register another language/nature into the CDT or does FDT plan to clone/own the CDT's
structure and thus wants some base classes to start out with?  

Ultimately we don't believe that cloning is the answer. Hopefully we can register an fnature with the CDT and work from there. However, there will be some, very language specific stuff (parser, for instance) that needs to be separate, but this should be a small percentage of the code. Perhaps the Photran folk could add their perspective on this as well.


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