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[cdt-dev] Replacing the CDT's Make build system

Hi all,

Being new to both Eclipse and the CDT, before I go too
far down the road I'm going, I thought I'd check here
and make sure it's the right way to go. I want to
fully replace the Make-based build system of the CDT
(I don't want to add to or customize it, I don't want
anything Make-oriented in there at all). What I've
done so far is to pick up all the CDT plugins, except

which I assume I can then replace with my own stuff.
So, questions... Is this the right approach? Has
anyone done anything like this before? Is there any
documentation on adding a build system to the CDT, or
do I just have to read through the source for the
Make-based stuff and get an idea of how it's done from
that (I'm guessing is a good place
to start :)


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