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[cdt-dev] VMS question

Hello Eclipse dev community,

I have a question concerning using 'Eclipse' with CDT on a windows platform but running a built script remotely on a VMS platform. Hence using eclipse as the editor/browser and making it run a '' file on a VMS build system. I'm using SAMBA as a method to view the files on VMS.

My question to the community is can it be done, and if anyone has done this type of thing would it be possible to e-mail me how they achieved this.

I was thinking of making eclipse use RMI, or RPC to the other machine?

Any advice would be great and help the area I work in move away from horrible editors like 'EVE' and start using 'Eclipse'!!

Thanks in advance to all, and sorry if this is not the proper place for this sort of question.

Nicholas Herriot.

Nicholas Herriot
Senior Engineer
Network Systems

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