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[cdt-dev] extension of the c++ project type


I want to add a new c++ project type. The project type is basically an extended managed c++ type, i.e. I need all functionality provided by this plugin.  Since I'm using my own makefile generator, I reimplemented the IManagedBuilderMakefileGenerator interface and everything works. In addition I wanted to mark the newley created project with a nature (to be able to distinguish from normal c++ projects when displaying e.g. a specific property page). But adding a new nature without any user interaction, meaning providing a command like "export c++ project to mytype", seems not to be possible. Or is there a way?

As a second approach I tried to make my own project wizard, which is also my preferred way to do it, since I'll offer more project types/templates. Doing it like described above will result in somehow hidden (the last page of the c++ wizard) project selection. So, I created a wizard and a nature. As builder I set the GeneratedMakefileBuilder. But since it seems that the .cdtbuild file is generated when the default c++ wizard is run, this approach is a dead end?!?!?! I mean can I fake the creation of this file (and the .cdtproject file) by just writing those files manually, but this is not a very nice approach.

Is there any documentation about that? Or can anyone give me some hints?


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