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RE: [cdt-dev] Bug in

Hi Thomas,

I didn't write that code, so I don't know why it doesn't check for
IStatus.ERROR.  Would you enter bugzillas for this and the other
GeneratedMakefileBuilder problem that you found?


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I found a problem when implementing a new Makefile generator. In your code calls the custom Makefile

(in incrementalBuild)

MultiStatus result = generator.generateMakefiles(delta);
if (result.getCode() == IStatus.WARNING || result.getCode() ==
IStatus.INFO) {

Is there any reason why there is no check for an error code??? I mean
something like that:

if (result.getCode() == IStatus.ERROR)

Currently, there is no way to tell the framework that an error occured
during Makefile generation and that the build process should be stopped.
The only way this is possible is, to pass back 'null' as the result and
force an exception in the code above, but this is surely really hacky.

Any comments?

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