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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT-related activities at EclipseCon

We're going to schedule a Parallel Tools Platform BOF after your Wednesday BOF. Please come along if you're interested.


On Feb 23, 2005, at 12:25 PM, Sebastien Marineau wrote:

Hi all,
EclipseCon is coming up quickly, and I just wanted to summarize the CDT-related activities that will be taking place next week:
Tuesday (March 1st)
3:30 PM: Parallel Tools Platform (Greg Watson) - of interest to the debugging folks
8:00 PM: First CDT BOF
         Intel (Leo Treggiari) - Managed Build System
         Altera (Tracy Miranda) - Altera's CDT activities
        IBM (John Camelon) - latest features of CDT parser, DOM viewer demo
         IBM (Doug Schaefer) - Demo of IBM C++/UML visualizer
         QNX (Dave Inglis) - New debugger features
Wednesday (March 2nd)
2:15 PM: Introduction to CDT (Sebastien Marineau)
3:30 PM: Providing a development environment for Linux (Rick Moseley, Redhat) 4:40 PM: Language toolkit technical exchange - should be of interest to most CDT folks
8:00 PM: Second CDT BOF
         HP (Sumit Sarkar) - CDT in the Entreprise
         Rockwell-Collins (Chad Barnes) - Rockwell extensions to CDT
         TI (Chris Recoskie) - Demo of TI's IDE
        Montavista (Pierre-Alexandre Masse) - Status and discussion on remote debug
        WindRiver - Remote debugging discussion
We also discussed setting up meetings/discussion on a couple of specific topics, including debug API discussions, core discussions etc. My suggestion is to target these either for early Wednesday (after the first BOF) or Thursday (after the second BOF).
If anyone has any additions or wants to highlight sessions that could be of interest to CDT folks, feel free to respond to the list.

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