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Re: [cdt-dev] Parallel Tools

> >>>>
> >>>
> >>> Excellent news 8-)
> >>>
> >>> We've been slowly "massaging" the base core of CDT/Debug to make
> >>> support for this(PTools) possible, but our efforts been ...
> >> "timid".
> >>> So to see folks with some good experience on the subject, step in is
> >>> encouraging.
> >>
> >> Just out of curiosity: gdb is currently not capable of
> >> debugging multi processes. What was intended for debugger?
> >> Extending gdb? Some other debugger? Or only an interface to
> >> connect to each own's proprietary debugger (like gdbserver)?
> >
> > There is nothing stopping you from running several instances of gdb
> > and prsenting those multiple instances in a single cohesive interface.
> > The Eclipse debugger does this today.
> This approach works fine if you are debugging a few 10's of processes. 
> However it quickly runs into problems if you want to debug 100's or 
> 1000's of processes. The need to debug such large programs is not as 
> uncommon as you might think, often a parallel program that works for 
> 100 processes will fail for 1000.
> To answer the original question, we're unsure as to how we're going to 
> solve this yet. One option might be to include a small stub debugger 
> (like gdbserver) as part of the runtime that is used to launch the 
> parallel processes. Another might be to use gdb (or some other 
> debugger), but provide a scalable communications infrastructure for 
> handling 1000's of connections. This is the approach taken by Intel's 
> idb.
> Part of the PTP project will be to investigate the best way to do this.

  If folks missed it, there is a newsgroup for the PTP:
  Via the simple web interface:

where Greg did give more details in response to queries.

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