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Re: [cdt-dev] Making existing project CDT compatible

> Hey folks.
> Here's an off the wall question.  Is the CDT setup in such a way that I
> could "add" CDT support to an existing project.  For example, I have a Java
> project that works great.  Now, I want to put C code in it and build that C
> code from the same project.  Is there any way to add the CDT nature and
> also have the appropriate builders put in place?

Well, we have a conversion wizard see
New -> other --> Convert to a C/C++ Make Project

It will add the (std)make nature and builder to the project.
- no "undo" to remove this nature/buider but:
   * On the property page you can disable the builder
   * or edit the .project(not recommanded)
- no conversion for the managed builder.

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