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Re: [cdt-dev] Time to move to Eclipse 3.1?

I'm always an early adopter anyway, but the sooner we can move to 3.1 and 
adjust to the API changes there, the sooner we can get rolling.


As soon as we move, I'll kick off CDT 3.0 builds.

Doug Schaefer, IBM's Technical Lead, Eclipse CDT
Ottawa Lab, IBM Canada, Rational Software Division

"Mikhail Khodjaiants" <mikhailk@xxxxxxx> 
Sent by: cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
12/20/2004 04:14 PM
Please respond to


[cdt-dev] Time to move to Eclipse 3.1?

I think it's time to move our development to Eclipse 3.1. There are 
changes in Eclipse 3.1 M4 that are not compatible with CDT 2.1. For 
example, the Memory view API has been changed. There are also changes in 
the Debug framework that we want to take advantage of. This all applies to 
debugger, but I am sure there are other changes too.
So, I'm voting +1.
Mikhail Khodjaiants

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