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Re: [cdt-dev] GUI development w/Eclipse & CDT

> Hello folks.. I just downloaded and am using this
> EXCELLENT package Eclipse on my SuSE 9.1 box.  I'm a
> newbie to GUI devel on Linux and intermediate level to
> C. My question is, I want to develop a GUI interface
> for my software.  I downloaded Glade and played around
> with it but it seems as though that will not integrate
> with Eclipse.   Can I use GTK+ code in Eclipse and it
> will compile/run interactive?

It should if you set you Makefiles or whatever build
you are using correctly.

The only is when debugging to set your DISPLAY env.,
wheter before running eclipse or in the launch environment tab.

> Is there anything you
> gurus recommend with regards to creating a GUI under
> Linux in the GNOME environment.

hmm ... wrong group/mailing list ..

> Thanks fellow Eclipse users..

Happy hacking.

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